LANETCO is originally a video processing solution's specialist by manufacturing Video Processors dedicated to concentrate many pictures into one display as well as onto a multi display unit video wall.

LANETCO has a solution to meet your need: Our BUILT IN PROCESSOR DLP™ IPCube™ will revolutionize the way you work, allowing you to manage easily all your video and graphic signals coming from different sources.

HyperCube™ has been a breakthrough in the history of video walls and has few years ago been replaced by IPCube™ its successor, all resulting from LANETCO's continuous R&D efforts... very special and unique rear projection and picture processing systems manufactured and offered only by LANETCO.

LANETCO's technology enables you to mix, re-size and over-lay any of the different connected signals ( HDTV, Video, RGBHV, DVI, SDI ) and display simultaneously all of those signals LIVE as PIP with the help of its control software IPCubeManager™ through TCP/IP.

The cubes handle signals from any video, graphic, DVI, SDI and HDTV sources and can expand, shrink and label them.

In order to complete this high level technology and expand its capabilities, LANETCO manufactures external processors which will:
- Bring the full access to Local Area Network resources to any video wall with HyperLan™....
- Expand dramatically the number of pictures for 1 or more display units with HyperVision™...
- Provide access to the IP Video display in high quality with IPVision™!